Aviation Clean Air

Needle Point Bi-Polar Ionisation (NPBI™)

Air Fleet Management is authorised Sales Agent for the patented Aviation Clean Air NPBI™ system, which can be installed on most modern aircraft types - airline, VVIP and corporate.

The system consists of small ionisation units installed on the aircraft’s existing environmental control system (ECS) ionising the air passing over the unit’s probes. This then fills the entire pressurised cabin with ionised air and eradicates all known viruses, bacteria, and fungi. In addition, the ionised air reduces odours and allergens in the cabin. 

NPBI™ components eliminate all pathogens, throughout the aircraft, by electronically creating positive (H+) and negative (OH-) ions from Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules in the water vapor present in the air. This is a replication of nature's cleaning process. The system has been laboratory tested and found to kill the coronavirus that cause Covid-19 and SARS, and deactivates other pathogens such as those that cause the common cold, flu (including swine and avian), MRSA, C.diff, E-coli, pneumonia, polio and mold (See downloads).

These ions have the property of clustering around micro particles, gases, and pollens and agglomerate around the particulate which causes the particulate to fall out of the breathing zone. The ions also neutralise mold spores, viruses, and bacteria, with a natural reaction taking place on the cell membrane surface of airborne and surface biological(s) where they rob the harmful biological of a hydrogen atom and sever that bond.

As a result, the pathogens are neutralised and are no longer infectious, and odours are disassembled naturally. The pathogen will not be able to reproduce and will quickly die. Odours are converted to pure air, eliminating the threat of the pathogens and odours to human health and comfort. This all starts to take place as soon as the system is engaged, with noticeable results immediately.

The system, which operates through the aircraft’s existing environmental control system (ECS), is a proactive, natural purification process that produces no harmful ozone or chemicals and requires no maintenance.

Once installed, it functions automatically whenever the ECS is running. The time-consuming process and the damaging effects of chemical surface cleaners are made redundant, while the whole cabin, washrooms, galleys, handles, and surfaces are constantly protected.

The number of units required to reach a reported efficacy of 99.95% is dependent on the aircraft type (cabin air volume) and configuration. A typical business jet requires two units, a large widebody airliner 8-10. 


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